Day 10: Yun Tai redux/on to Hong Kong

I think XiXi knew today was a special day. She pulled up her hair into a ponytail and added two pretty clips and a bow. All ready for the last leg of our journey.


Today was our last day in Guangzhou. We had the opportunity to tag along with the other family to Yun Tai Gardens. It was only 25¥ per person ($8 total) and I really didn’t want to hang around the hotel all day.

When I told Steve about Yun Tai, I’m pretty sure he had PTSD flashbacks. We came to this park in 2013 when we adopted Finnley. It was July and it was over 100 degrees and extremely humid. Finnley decided to have the mother of all meltdowns in what we believe to be the exact location of the park that was the furthest from the entrance. It was pure misery for all of us and we refer to it as “park from hell.”

What a difference 35 degrees makes! It was sunny and in the upper 60s — perfect weather for the expansive gardens. Like the other park, this one was decorate for Chinese New Year, too.

Our guide told us it was impossible to get lost and let us go off on our own. Yun Tai Gardens is more of a botanical garden with many species of plants including a green house with beautiful tropical specimens.






XiXi was more relaxed today than any other day on this trip. She has been calm and pleasant and patient, but today she had fun. She skipped and sang, stopped to look at flowers and purposefully stopped and posed by things so I could take her picture. She would collect flowers that had already fallen to the ground and use the petals to decorate shrubs that had no flowers.




We apparently wandered off the main circle and found ourselves in a lush rainforest area. We passed on older couple — the man was playing soft tones on his harmonica while the woman was doing tai chi. There were lake areas with ornate bridges and wood decking and an abundance of nature everywhere.



This park is in a hilly area of Guangzhou and the park had lots and lots of steps. Thankfully XiXi likes to stop and inspect things frequently so I was able to maintain an appearance of stamina.

Soon we realized we had, in fact, gotten lost in the park and had to use GPS to find our way to the main entrance to meet up with the other family and our guide. I think we got plenty of exercise today!

Checkout was at 3p but our visa delivery wasn’t until 4:20 so we spent a good time in the lobby just sitting and waiting. Our guide arrived and he had XiXi’s visa but apparently some other families did not get theirs as planned. We are thankful ours came.

We gave our guide hugs and exchanged email addresses and loaded our bags into the waiting van.

Last time, we took the train to Hong Kong. While the train ride itself is nice there is a lot of hassle with customs lines and taxi transfers. I am glad we took the van — even though it was a longer trip, it was nice to be picked up at one hotel and dropped off at another. We were able to do the border crossing seated in the van.

After close to three hours, we were checked into the airport hotel for one more sleep before departure. The hotel is attached to the airport so we will just walk straight to ticketing.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 11:49:38

    Almost home!!! It sounds like y’all have had some nice bonding time together.


  2. Gail and Bill Golightly
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 16:03:17

    Amazing journey–So proud of you girls, Terri and XiXi (Rowynn) for handling the last leg of the adoption process so well. The whole story and pictures are just beautiful and what a wonderful bond the two of you have shared. We are all so happy everything has gone well and wishing you a safe and pleasant flight home – we are all waiting with open arms to have you both home! Love, Mom & Dad (Granma & Grandad)


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